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Father, Son Team Providing SEO Services

Randy Eaton and son Jonathan are paving the way for business owners looking to get noticed online. Their unique SEO services puts your company in a position to be seen, heard, and remembered by potential customers!


Authored Two Popular Books

In 1999, I set out on a mission with my good buddy Greg Ryan to create something revolutionary: the first buyers guide for manufactured and modular homes. We put our heads together, and within two short years we had succeeded! Not only was it one of the top results in Google searches but also bringing close to 40,000 new visitors each month, talk about impressive! In 2005, I decided to write another book called, “RV Comparison Guide”. I secured the domain; RVreviews.net to promote my new publication and within two years my website was generating close 60,000 new visitors per month. I have since sold both digital properties, which are still considered the best resources for consumers considering either a modular home or an RV today!

“After I sold both internet businesses, I decided to offer my services as an SEO consultant and started Audience Boost. Most SEO owners have worked their way up in the industry by working for other SEO companies and then started their own. But, I did the opposite, I went out and created brand new websites and products with zero traffic and within 2-3 years was dominating that particular industry in Google’s search results. Having the ability to break into two separate markets on a national level and maintain those rankings for over 20+ years, demonstrates our ability from an SEO perspective that my team and I have the knowledge and experience to satisfy our most demanding clients.”

I’m Committed to Giving Clients that Personal Touch

Five years ago, I decided to check out just what my dad was doing with his internet marketing business, turns out it wasn’t so much rocket science after all. And boy did he make the whole thing look fun! All that friendly chatter made me confident enough to take on digital advertising as a career choice of mine.

As an FB marketing expert at Audience Boost, I’m committed to giving clients that personal touch in this fast pace digital world. Providing quick and reliable responses by call, text or email is all part of the service, so everybody can be sure they have a dependable and committed FB expert working for their business!

Managing large sums of Facebook ad spend money sounds daunting, but I revel in the challenge. Nothing’s better than hearing from satisfied client’s when their investments yield amazing results.

jonathan eaton seo expert

Our goal is not to be the largest SEO firm but the best at what we do!