Case Study for Artificial Turf and Design

Google Indexed 1213 Keywords in Only Two and Half Months, Increase of 1,308%

Audience Boost and Artificial Turf and Design joined forces five months ago, hitting the ground running with a custom WordPress website. We served up original content that was so captivating it warranted its own standing ovation! Photos were optimized for maximum appeal, while informative content kept visitors engaged.

Our team put a lot of hard work and dedication into the Artificial Turf & Design website and boy did it pay off! In only a few short months we went from just 35 keywords indexed in Google to over 1,213 – that’s over 30x growth. Talk about an impressive turnaround!

case study for artificial turf and design

Facebook Advertising Really Works With The Proper Strategy!

Based on our recommendations our client took a risk and invested in Facebook advertising for the first time. Their campaigns generated over 55 leads in a short period of time and at a fraction of the cost they were previously spending with standard lead-gen companies! We captured high quality leads at an incredibly low cost per lead of only $42.64.

This new advertising channel has transformed their artificial turf business. Thanks to our successful social media tactics, they’re upping their Facebook ad budget and booking more jobs.

Artificial Turf Leads

34 Keywords On First Page of Google and Counting…

When we joined forces with Artificial Turf and Design, their presence on Google was barely noticeable. In fact, only five of their keywords were on the first page, talk about fading into oblivion! But thanks to our SEO team and optimization methods, they now get noticed right away when people search for them. We expect that within half a year’s time things will look completely different as more pages are added, watch out competition!

artificial turf and design case study

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