Case Study for At Your Service Pros

Keywords Indexed in Google Jumped Ninefold, Climbing from 69 to 688

After teaming up with At Your Service Pros, it looked like no one on the internet had ever heard of them! With just 69 keywords indexed in Google and barely any showing up on the first page, we figured they could really use a hand. In answer to their call for help our digital marketing experts came riding in — and rode off into success! Now more than 688 keyword phrases are indexed with many keywords now on the first page, quite impressive when you consider where we started.

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Over $800,000 In Revenue Generated from Facebook Ads

In 2023 we generated this HVAC client over 1,200 leads from Facebook!! They have confirmed that off of these leads they have closed over $800k in revenue during the 2023 year. This was our 3rd year running Facebook ad campaigns for them and will continue for many years to come. Quote from our client “Our Facebook marketing is by far the most consistent form of marketing and advertising we have ever done“.

HVAC Company leads 2022

Who Needs Luck When You Have 142 Keywords Taking Your Website To The Top of Google?

Our team at Audience Boost has been on an incredible ride! When we first joined forces with At Your Service Pros, they were almost untraceable online. But with our tried and true digital marketing strategies and plenty of elbow grease, they quickly soared to the first page of Google with a total of 142 keywords. A real triumph if there ever was one!

google rankings

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