Case Study for Rapco Industries

Keywords Indexed in Google Increased by 137% with Our SEO Efforts!

In just a year, our strategies significantly boosted Rapco’s visibility on Google, achieving a remarkable 137% rise in Google indexing. Prospective customers can now find them through 512 keywords compared to the initial 218—a change that has welcomed more than 4,000 additional visitors to their site.

rapco rankings<br />

Generated Over 600+ Leads From All Sources From Nov 2023 – Feb 2024

Facebook has been a great strategy for this client over the last 6 years. In just Nov 2023 – Feb 2024 422 leads have come in from Facebook alone. Their cost per lead has been an average of $3.23 over the last year. In congjunction with Facebook, the forms on their website have yeilded 184 leads from this time frame as well.

Rapco leads past 4 months 2024

Over 102 Keywords Climbing to the First Page

Rapco’s unique chainsaw chain, renowned for its remarkable durability, is now gaining rapid global traction, outlasting conventional chains by a factor of 25. Collaborating with us has propelled Rapco to the forefront of Google search results. Their web presence has significantly expanded with a monthly influx of over 4,500 visitors. A harmonious combination of natural search engine rankings, strategic Facebook and Google Advertisements has been instrumental in funneling prospective clients to their website, showcasing our role in boosting their online visibility.

1st page google rankings for Rapco

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