Case Study for Reel Time Fishing

Website Traffic Increased By 100% Within 45-Days

We started with Reel Time Fishing to turn their digital marketing strategy around. With a previous company unable to deliver results in Google, it looked like all hope was lost until our team stepped up. Within 45 days of hard work and dedication we were able to revamp their website while increasing leads – not only that but those pesky search engine visibility issues went flying out the window!

case study for reel time fishing

Generate Over 100 Leads From Facebook In Less Than 45 Days

We had high hopes when we began implementing their Facebook campaigns, and the results have exceeded expectations! Thanks to our Facebook marketing efforts, this client has received over 100 leads with a cost per lead of only $4.89. According to the client they are considering hiring a person to answer the phone just because of the volume of calls coming in.

Reel Time Leads

123 Keywords On First Page of Google and Counting…

When we teamed up with Reel Time Fishing, they were struggling to get on Google’s radar. Thanks to our savvy website optimization, their rankings are now jumping off the screen and shooting for over 200 keywords on the 1st page of Google. As we continue to optimize their site, add pages and build backlinks.

google rankings for reel time fishing<br />

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